Kava Pioneers Roundup

Mar 30, 2022
5 min read

Eleven additional Web3 projects with massive ambitions join Kava’s #BUIDLerOwned Network as the Pioneer Program gathers steam.

Today Kava rounds out the Pioneer Program with another 11 protocols and development teams onboarded to be Pioneers of the Ethereum Co-Chain testnet. The 100K $KAVA reward pool is getting eaten up, so if you’re a team looking to build the future of Web3, apply now!

You’re reading the second article in a series covering the projects and protocols deploying to Kava’s Ethereum Co-Chain testnet, providing a glance at what’s coming when the Kava Network mainnet launches in late Q2.

Duckie Land

Duckie Land ($MMETA) is a duck-filled P2E gaming Metaverse. Users can collect, breed, and hatch new Duckie NFTs, then battle in arena-style PVP/PVE for prizes. Users can also farm, craft, and build in the Duckie Metaverse, where new enterprises, P2E mini-games, and dungeons await! Feel like being a duck? Duckie Land VR is on the roadmap!

Learn more: duckie.land


ForTube ($FOR) is an open-source DeFi lending protocol designed to provide decentralized solutions for lending services. ForTube enables multi-chain markets, DAO governance tools, pool segregation to improve capital efficiency, and fine-tuned risk control features. With $39.94 million TVL across multiple chains, ForTube brings some real value to the Kava Network.

Learn more: for.tube

DEXE Network

DEXE Network ($DEXE) is an ecosystem of tools and platforms that together make trading in DeFi simpler and more powerful. Dexe’s core product is its decentralized social trading platform designed to make following the best traders’ strategies a breeze. DEXE enables trading tournaments, wallet-to-wallet copy trading tools, and top-tier trading tools.

Learn more: dexe.network


B.Protocol ($BPRO) boosts the stability of lending platforms by eliminating gas wars and aligning miner profits to users. B.Protocol achieves that by democratizing liquidation systems in DeFi to unlock better capital efficiency, via a “backstop liquidity protocol.” The protocol’s TVL of $232.4 million is growing even in these uncertain market conditions, a testament to the demand for B.Protocol’s product suite. MEV and bot profits to the people!

Learn more: bprotocol.org

Ruby Protocol

Ruby Finance ($RUBYC, $RSHARE, $RBOND) offers the first decentralized algorithmic stable coin on the Kava blockchain, aiming for a pegged price of 1 $KAVA via seigniorage. Ruby Finance will debut with lucrative farming opportunities for early users.

Learn more: ruby-finance.gitbook.io/docs


Linkkey ($KEY) is a Web3 social identity protocol where users can issue personal NFTs and form private groups and communities. Users can issue up to 150 NFTs, and each community up to 1500 NFTs that represent their Web3 identities. The NFTs symbolize the value of social behavior, something people have held out for Twitter and similar social networks to unveil. Early users can get a unique key name that’s easier to remember (e.g., “Elon” vs. “Elon12”).

Learn more: linkkey.io


OpenBiSea ($OBS) is an NFT marketplace that makes it extremely simple to buy, sell and auction NFTs via smart contracts at lower prices than Ethereum. OpenBiSea uses smart contracts based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon(exMATIC) and supports an Ethereum bridge for NFTs. The platform also implements Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) tools for NFT-based games, all integrated with the OpenBiSea NFT marketplace. Users can interact with OpenBiSea via the web or mobile apps, including iOS, with zero listing fees for NFTs.

Learn more: openbisea.io


MotoDEX is a GameFi PvP motorcycle racing simulator where users compete, upgrade their riders, and develop and earn from high-speed tracks similar to land development features in other Metaverse games.

Learn more: app.openbisea.com/metaverse


ChangeX ($CHANGE) is a hybrid CEX/DEX platform built by industry veterans, combining the power of DeFi with regulatory compliant CeFi in a single sleek app. ChangeX is pioneering leveraged staking products, a universal crypto VISA card, and simple fiat-to-crypto trading.

Learn more: changex.io

Connext Network

Connext understands that silos can’t exist in Web3. The Connext network offers fast, trustless communication between chains and rollups, leading the market with new primitives for native cross-chain applications. The TVL on Connext is around $48 million and is climbing, always an impressive feat in rocky market times. With $1.2 billion in total bridged value to date, the Kava community is excited to see what happens next.

Learn more: connext.network


VEE Finance ($VEE) is a lending protocol platform that bridges the gap between TradFi users and crypto natives. The platform includes fiat deposits, a multi-chain bridge, and support for NFTs.

Learn more: vee.finance


Welcome to the #KavaSquad, Pioneers! Each team brings something unique and valuable to the network, and the sky’s the limit once Kava reaches its goal of onboarding 50 protocols post-mainnet and 100 protocols by the end of 2022.

The Pioneer program is driving protocol growth right out of the gate. EVM builders and Cosmonauts have begun to reap the rewards of Kava’s #BUIDLerOwned network, and this is only the beginning.

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